it-economics expands management team

Associate Partner

it-economics expands management team

At the beginning of the year, the IT consulting firm it-economics expanded its management team and appointed new associate partners. The management relied on long-standing employees with excellent expertise in IT project management. The new associate partners are Georg Filios, Peter Hesselmann, Markus Huber and Tobias Pregler. In addition, Klaus Wiedemann was promoted to partner.

Since it was founded in 2003, it-economics GmbH has grown steadily. It now has over 220 employees at the Munich headquarters, the Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Karlsruhe and Münster locations and at the Sofia branch in Bulgaria. After a very successful year, the growth course is now to be continued in 2021. The management team will be strengthened for this purpose.

Constant expansion along with business growth

George Filios

Georg Filios has been with it-economics as site manager in Düsseldorf since 2013 and has established and expanded the company's presence in the Rhine-Ruhr area from the very beginning. Filios has a degree in computer science and studied at RWTH Aachen University and EPFL-Lausanne. He has more than 23 years of professional experience in mostly large IT consulting firms such as Accenture and CGI, in the banking, insurance and communications industry, as well as in e-commerce. His experience in software development and architecture is complemented by more than 12 years of practical experience as an agile project manager and coach as well as a scrum master and product owner. “My focus is on agile techniques with direct applicability in software development. This is how I support our customers in building competitive and uncomplicated IT solutions,” explains Georg Filios.

Peter Hesselman

Peter Hesselmann started building the new Münster location in 2017. Together with local customers, he primarily drives the digitization of banks. Since he started as an IT consultant in Münster in 2000, software projects, system integration and project management have been his passion. "My goal is for IT to be easy to use, fun and as useful as possible for everyone, regardless of whether they are professionals or occasional users," says Hesselmann. He is now responsible for the development and expansion in northern Germany with the locations in Münster and Hamburg.

Tobias Pregel

Tobias Pregler has been working for it-economics in various roles since 2008. In the last almost 20 years, the qualified IT specialist with a BA in International Management has worked as a trusted advisor in a wide variety of large-scale IT projects and has been Managing Director of it-economics Bulgaria EOOD in Sofia since 2019. "Especially in the current times, in which the majority of the population works in the home office, the potential of nearshore teams can be excellently integrated into the existing work models. With our well-rehearsed and highly trained team in Sofia, we are excellently positioned. In addition to the continuous further training of the team, the integration in projects and the organization in Germany is a cornerstone for further successful years", explains Tobias Pregler.

Expansion of areas of competence and long-standing customer relationships

Markus Huber

Markus Huber has been with it-economics since 2009. The qualified physicist previously worked for Accenture, among others. He has more than 20 years of experience in large IT and software development projects, where he took on management tasks in both classic and agile project environments. Within it-economics, he plays a major role as a manager in career development and supporting numerous consultants. He also promoted the area of ​​process automation and business process management (BPM), through which processes and procedures in the company can be analyzed, visualized and optimized.

Klaus Wiedemann

In recent years, the company's focus on technology issues has increased - largely driven by Klaus Wiedemann. The computer scientist and chartered financial analyst (CFA) has been a member of the management team since 2019. In his four years at it-economics, Wiedemann advanced emerging technologies such as cloud and robotic process automation (RPA) and established himself as the central contact for well-known customers.

“I am very proud of our new Associate Partners, who will expand the management team from now on and complement it optimally with their expertise. All colleagues have been with the company for many years and have driven the growth of it-economics through outstanding work. I am also pleased to announce that Klaus Wiedemann has been promoted to partner. With this team, I look to the future with confidence and joy,” says Torsten Klein, CEO at it-economics.