Delivery Management

Modern organization, high quality

Delivery Management

We ensure efficient project and iteration processes, transparent organization and ensuring high quality in processes, products and services.

Delivery Leadership

Program Management & PMO

Requirements Management

Quality Assurance

Our delivery services in detail

Delivery Leadership

Assumption of responsibility for products, projects, trades

Implementation and maintenance of IT systems

Trades and fixed-price projects in an agile environment

Methodical support to improve the ability to deliver

Project Recovery

Program Management & PMO

Management of complex IT programs (classic, lean, agile)

Conception, development and management of project management offices

Experience & Certification Product Ownership

Requirements Management

Needs and requirements management at all levels from the portfolio to the individual project

Support and methodical support in the recording, analysis and prioritization of requirements

Quality Assurance & Test

Planning and management of test teams and test centers

Coordination and implementation of all test levels

Test Automation & Quality Culture

Support in adapting the Quality Assurance method change in the procedure (traditional -> agile)

Selected tools


Your goals are our mission


We ensure exchange and details at the right time


We take care of the details so that you always have an overview

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Peter Hesselman

Peter Hesselman

Head of Project Management
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Carsten Schaefer

Carsten Schaefer

Project Manager
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