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Nearshore Delivery

Our experienced team in Sofia, Bulgaria, allows our customers a high degree of flexibility, scalability and attractive calculations.

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With our team in Sofia you can increase your ability to deliver at short notice


All our team members in Sofia speak German and/or English


Our nearshore teams offer very good value for money

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Tobias Pregel

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Lora Dyulgerova

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Article about nearshore delivery

In an international comparison, Germany is not perceived as a leading tech nation in digitization, there is also a lack of "big players"; that surprises many other nations." This is one of the results of a survey by the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ). The plans of German industry are not bad at all: according to Bitkom, more than 70% of companies already have a digital strategy . But things are getting stuck in implementation and practice: more than half are not making good progress. You can read about the topics that are on the agenda in 2021 and the challenges behind them in the following trend article....

There should never be more than one reason for a class to change. Today we start with the first SOLID principle: A class should always have a single responsibility, or in other words: There should never be more than one reason to change a class (Single Responsibility Principle, SRP). The SRP is used to design clear, easily expandable and easy-to-maintain software....

Awareness of testing and the need for it has grown steadily among most developers over the years. This means that the question no longer arises as to whether testing is necessary on a larger scale, but the real question is now: "What is the best way to go about testing?"...