Smart Collaboration

Computer-based collaboration, Atlassian tools and services

Smart Collaboration

We promote cross-team and cross-company collaboration and knowledge management through the use of modern Atlassian tools and sophisticated communication processes.

Atlassian Application Support

Collaboration at scale

Atlassian Operations

Atlassian Training & Coaching

Our Atlassian services in detail

Application Support

License advice and sale

Administration as a service

Further development (conception, configuration, introduction)

Atlassian Health Checks

Collaboration at scale

Rollout of processes & tools to other teams

Scaling to other departments, branches, countries

Establish intercompany synergy and efficiency effects

Process optimization & digitization

Atlassian Operations

Merge instances & cloud migrations

Optimization of maintainability & performance

managed hosting

Managed Services

Training & coaching

Application training for beginners & advanced users

Training and coaching for the administration

Technical and methodical collaboration coaching

Tools & Partnerships


We empower your teams to structure tasks and make collaboration more effective


Create an overview and share information with the right tools and mechanisms


Together we standardize your complex work processes and establish a tool-supported way of working

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