Application and system modernization

Improve the performance, scalability, integration and security of your applications and systems. Reduce your costs, improve time-to-market and manage software obsolescence.

Regain full control over your software and processes and make their further development more agile.

Your modernization strategy

75% of all companies plan to invest in IT modernization in 2024.

The three most important success factors for successful IT modernization are:


Transparency about motivation, goals and strategy


The right professional, technical and methodical solution design


Collaborate with experienced talent to reduce risk, costs and losses

Our four core solutions



We iteratively bring your mainframe landscape into the cloud and modernize the previous legacy code (Cobol, PL, etc.) to a modern and future-proof code base by using modern technologies.



We transform your Java legacy applications and monoliths into future-proof cloud-native applications and architectures that can be maintained, further developed and networked quickly and easily.



We transfer Oracle and other databases to license-free cloud variants, e.g. PostgreSQL, and at the same time reduce your dependencies on manufacturer-specific features.


Modern front ends

We increase the security, adaptability and usability of your current front ends and technologies by migrating to modern, secure and modular architectures and software.

Horizontal Services

needs analysis

We moderate your conversations and workshops with the support of modern tools and templates, ask the right questions and bring all information and decisions together.


Test automation

We improve the development, quality and processes of your applications through test automation with suitable test concepts, frameworks and support services.

First steps, analysis and procedure


1. Make an appointment with our experts


Let us know how far along you are. Present us with your goals, your current status and your special requirements in an initial, uncomplicated conversation, online or on site.


2. Determine the extent of your modernization needs


We work with you to determine the various needs, tasks, dependencies, priorities and costs in your organization and prepare them based on established standards.


3. Create your modernization roadmap


Based on the assessment of the previous analysis, we work with you to build an agile project plan, estimate the investments, source internal and external talent and make the steps transparent.


4. Start modernizing


We provide you with the right talent and start agile modernization together. We use, for example, MVPs, SCRUM frameworks, interactions or the inclusion of near- and offshore teams.

Oracle2Postgres: Simple value creation


Your advantages of modernization


Increase the speed, scalability and responsiveness of your applications and processes.


Modern security measures to prevent threats and protect your data.

Cost efficiency

Reduced operating and development costs through more efficient technology and processes.


Easily connect to other systems and platforms for better collaboration.


Improved user experience for greater satisfaction and greater productivity.

Future security

Adapting to new technologies and market conditions to ensure long-term value creation.

Why us

We have been implementing modernization projects together with our customers for 20 years.

If you want to modernize your complex systems iteratively and professionally, our modular offerings are the right way. We will help you choose the best approach for you and make it effective.


With our extensive kit of methods and tools as well as our experience from many small and large customer projects, we make your modernization project successful.


We do not promise you a “one size fits all” solution, but rather identify your individual challenges and suggest the best solutions.


We make it transparent for you what this solution achieves and what it does not, and work with you on the path to achieving the goals you have set.


If you want to modernize, you have to take a modern approach.

Our customers – modernization and further development

The real art is to modernize rigid existing systems so that they can be continuously further developed from now on.

Our customers have achieved this with our help.

Selected customer testimonials

The switch to more flexible IT systems has significantly increased our productivity and helped us adapt more quickly to the market and competition.

Nils Habermann, insurance

Thanks to IT modernization, our data is more transparent and secure, and teams are now using the applications with high levels of satisfaction.

Norbert Kiel, VP IT, Service Provider

Thanks to the modernization of several systems, we have become more agile and can develop more ourselves.

Jens Zobel, Head of Sales Applications, industrial company

Talk to our experts

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Stefan Ptaseck

Senior Manager Strategy

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Meik Schaller

Senior Manager IT

Background information and downloads

We have provided useful information for you.

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Use our 360-degree checklist to see where you stand with your application landscape today and whether you have thought of everything.

Workshop: This is how the first step works

Convince yourself of the concept and approach in the first workshop.

Example: This is how the Atruvia modernizes

Find out how the financial service provider Atruvia successfully modernizes applications.