Agile Transformation

Efficient organization, modern culture

Agile Transformation

We introduce agility in the corporate divisions and help our customers to independently develop competencies and change the culture in the long term. Agile transformation only succeeds if it is comprehensive.

Scaling & Methods


people & team

Agile IT

Our agility services in detail

Scaling & Methods

Introduction & advice on the methodology

(Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, LeSS, ...)

Adapt & iterative learning

Measurement & feedback


Change support & communication

Roles & development paths for employees

E2E product development & design thinking

Value Steering & Lean Budgeting

vision & culture

people & team

Promote agile values ​​and principles

Coaching of individuals, teams and executives in the transformation process

Training on the job, e.g. for Scrum Master, PO

Training (Scrum, SAFe, ...)

Agile IT

Agile development processes

CI/CD, TDD, Clean Code, DevSecOps, Pair Programming

test automation

Atlassian Tools & Cloud

Selected tools

The five effective areas of agile transformation


The focus is on the human being


The cell for agile working is the team


In complex environments, more than one team often has to work together.


The agile transformation needs framework conditions

Agile IT

Modern technology and infrastructure that promote agility

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