IT Consulting

together towards a digital future

Digitalization is a decisive factor for the future of almost all industries and companies, there is no doubt in view of the developments of the last few years. Nevertheless, many companies are hesitant to take the path towards digitalization consistently because the vision is still blurred and there is uncertainty about the concrete steps to be taken.

In many ways, the digital transformation resembles a journey of discovery: the destination is only vaguely known, the journey is long and the associated challenges are difficult to assess.

This is where we at it-economics come in:

We support you in planning the expedition, designing and constructing robust ships, training the crew with the necessary expertise and navigating the shoals of digitalization.

Technology-Consulting & Software Development

Those who want to embark on the gruelling journey into the digital worlds need robust ships for crew and cargo. We can help you design and build the right ship or get your existing ship afloat. Our consultants and developers organize and support the digitalization and automation of processes, the transformation to cloud-based IT and the development of mobile and web applications based on the latest technologies.

Software Delivery Management

IT projects can be like the sea: sometimes calm and clear, but then again with extreme swell and roaring winds. We help to steer your project through the storms of digitalization and to safely reach its goal. Our project managers, product owners, scrum masters, PMO and DevOps specialists analyse, plan and support your IT project.

Agile Transformation

Together with you we determine the location of your organization in the agile waters. Our coaches help you, your organization and your team to find navigable routes for them, so that the teams can react more flexibly and quickly to new customer and market requirements. Our coaches support teams and managers in learning and developing the necessary skills and knowledge in a practical way. At the same time, we offer hands-on support with tools, IT and methods.

Smart Collaboration with Atlassian

Your company is like a fleet at sea. To achieve the common goal, all ships must communicate with each other and steer in the same direction. In order for your employees and teams to work together optimally, they need the right tools. Whatever the size of your fleet, we offer you smart tools from Atlassian that enable optimal collaboration and adapt them to your company.