Women in tech: It’s all about your mindset

I have been working as project manager in the IT industry for fourteen years now. This gave me the opportunity to witness how things changed over the years in various aspects.

Back then when I started working for an IT company, I was the only woman at the office. I had very limited knowledge and no experience in the IT at the time, but was very interested and highly motivated to integrate myself as part of the team and be success-oriented. Thanks to the support of my colleagues, I was able to do the very same. I truly believe that when you are ready to learn, listen and work hard to become better at what you do, you will succeed no matter what gender you are.

I often remember the time when I was dependent on my colleagues: today I am trying to pass on my experience to junior colleagues joining our team, by sharing knowledge and supporting them in a very friendly manner.

Emotional versus rational working styles

Through the years I have worked with women high in the hierarchy, at big companies and corporations. Whenever I had the opportunity, I observed their working style, the way they communicate and operate successfully on such a level. What really fascinates me is the emotional intelligence that can be found in both women and men. I consider myself as a person who is more rational than emotional. I have always been result-oriented, and to achieve my goals I eliminate the irritation or whatever negative emotions I might feel and focus on the solution I need to find in order to get my job done the best way possible.

Advantages of diverse teams

Finding the right solution of a problem is often done by a team. The more diverse a team is, the more successfully it will perform. When people have different mindsets, they will suggest different solutions and trough open and friendly discussion they will be able to find the best one. Therefore, I love mixed teams with diverse people in it, where you can have constructive feedback and great team spirit. I am happy to have this working atmosphere in it-economics Bulgaria as this is what keeps me coming to work every day with a smile on my face.