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Workshop "Clean Code Retreat" auf den Clean Code Days in München

Katharina Knaus und Matthias Grosholz halten auf den Clean Code Days in München 28.-30.062016 den Workshop "Clean Code Retreat".

Abstract: Code Retreat is a format of Coding Dojos. A place where you can learn programming skills apart of your daily routine is called a Dojo. A zentral point of Coding Dojos is the repitition. In each Dojo you will solve a small programming task (Kata) several times applying Clean Code principles. Each time you should try to find a better way to the solution. The point is not to have the best implementation, but to perfect the way to the solution.
In our workshop we will solve the same Kata in several teams applying Clean Code principles. Each time will have a different focus and different restrictions. Each team is staffed by 3 to 8 developers. Two developers are pairprogramming a solution, the others watch them coding. After a fixed timeout (for example all 4 minutes) one developer of the pair is changed and somebody else of the team takes his place.
The aim of our Katas is among others to learn techniques like Test Driven Development, Behaviour Driven Development and Refactoring.