Why our working atmosphere is crucial for our customers

Great Place to Work

Why our working atmosphere is crucial for our customers

The 5 basic building blocks of credibility, respect, fairness, pride and team spirit are anonymously evaluated by employees in the Great Place To Work surveys.

The results have once again placed us among the best employers in Bavaria and the ICT industry.

Our corporate culture and our working atmosphere are not only important for us and our employees, but also essential for our customers.


As an employer, we are constantly working to make our employees' everyday work as attractive as possible. We at it-economics attach great importance to one open and respectful communication at all levels - also towards our customers. We discuss every step of the project together as a team, so that every member and every stakeholder is always up to date. This minimizes the risk of errors and avoids misunderstandings.


Especially in the technical environment, the world moves on very quickly, which means that it is not always easy to keep track of all innovations and new technologies. through our training budget 10 days a year and some additional formats, e.g. the OneTeam-Day, our employees train regularly - both in technical and professional as well as in personal topics. Our customers can rely on all our employees to iteratively expand and further develop their know-how. Depending on the project requirements, we offer different training courses in order to keep the internal level of knowledge high.

equal rights

Our culture is also shaped by fairness and justice. We focus on people, their abilities and needs as individuals, which is shown, for example, by our diversity or women@it initiatives. With us, everyone can feel comfortable as he/she is. This increases both the sense of belonging to the company and the motivation within the team. Of this motivation and satisfaction our customers and stakeholders also benefit.


Only those who are proud of their work enjoy doing it. Our employees can develop freely and work independently on various topics outside of their project, such as event organisation. The surveys show that they are not only proud of their own work are, but also on the team or the company. We all carry this pride to our customers and thus get the best out of the projects - because we, together with the clients, want to be proud of them.


Team spirit is our top priority, because only together can we master our tasks and challenges in the best possible way. Thanks to our diverse teams, made up of a wide variety of specialist areas, the professional idea and solution finding driven. Responsibility is shared among several heads and we create a 360° perspective. Coupled with the broad Expertise our consultants can bring the customers to success in a targeted manner.

Our success as the best employer not only plays into the hands of our employees, but also of our customers. Because only with satisfied, motivated colleagues can we respond to customer requests quickly, powerfully and confidently.


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