"We create an unforgettable moment" - allhands 2023

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"We create an unforgettable moment" - allhands 2023

history and vision

In 2009 our very first allhands event took place. The goal was to bring all team members together to enable networking, get to know each other, exchange experiences and information, be up-to-date and work on common topics. It was a significant milestone that created memories and laid the groundwork for a closer collaboration.

allhands offers a unique opportunity to meet colleagues from different departments and locations in person. The direct exchange promotes cohesion and the flow of information, especially in today's remote times.

What happened…

On June 16.06.2023th, XNUMX we were able to take part in an extraordinary event in the Isarpost. The day promised, on the occasion of 20th birthday of it-economics, a journey into the golden 20s.

The day began around 12:XNUMX p.m. with the distribution of the badges and a balanced lunch. The mood was already cheered up when the colleagues exchanged ideas in a convivial atmosphere and looked forward to the upcoming program.

The event was opened and accompanied by a Charleston dance and song show.

At the beginning, Klaus, our CEO, took us on a journey through time through the developments and milestones that have shaped our company today. In addition, all locations have prepared videos to introduce themselves to the One Team. It was impressive to see how it-economics has developed throughout Germany and in Bulgaria over the years and also what the company's plan for the future looks like.

During the break, in which we could enjoy vendors' trays with fizzy drinks and delicious desserts, there was the opportunity to exchange ideas and make new contacts.

Afterwards, our long-serving employees were honored and celebrated for their loyalty to the company. fun fact: Our first employee is still in the team today.

But that was not all. An exciting team building program with various games followed. We became aerial acrobats with beach balls, took the opportunity to make new contacts at speed dating and proved our skills at "Electrified with Ropes". A small dance lesson and the smartphone quiz “Lightning Bulb” rounded off the substantive part.

After the event, the day wasn't over yet and we went to the party at Café Kranich. There we were welcomed by a music band with music from the 20s. The café was filled with good humor, delicious food and stimulating conversations. And how it went on, only everyone knows (or no longer).

This event was truly an unforgettable experience. It showed us how to balance our past and future and that team spirit and cohesion are the key to a successful event. We will be talking about this day for a long time to come and fondly remembering it-economics' golden 20s.

The highlights of the allhands 2023

Raimund Kramer


"My highlight was seeing my colleagues again, including those from other locations, and personally meeting the newcomers who have joined us since the last allhands.”

Annabell Luna Kurafeiski


"My personal highlight at allhands were the video presentations of the various locations. Above all, I thought it was nice to see the office in Sofia and how much fun the various videos were made. But it was also particularly nice to meet everyone in person in one place, to get to know new people and to be able to exchange ideas and network. Another personal highlight was that we then organized an afterparty as a team and danced until sunrise.”

all hands party
  • 242 badges distributed: The badges served as access cards and of course also as a memento of this special event.
  • 304 Photos snapped in the photo box: The photo box was a popular meeting place for employees who wanted to take funny and unique souvenir photos.
  • 1611 drinks served at the party: The bartenders conjured up 1611 refreshing drinks, which is 6,6 drinks per head.
  • 150 bags of popcorn distributed: Popcorn, a classic at events, could not be missing.


  • Infinitely many new memories created: The real highlight of this event was creating new and beautiful memories. From the inspiring speeches to the rousing dance shows to the team games and networking - every moment contributed to making this event unforgettable.
Aylin Cibooğlu


Aylin Cibooğlu
working student