Top Company 2022: Why we are also a top employer remotely

Top Company 2022

Top Company 2022: Why we are also a top employer remotely

it-economics was once again recognized as a top company by kununu.

But what actually makes a company a top employer, even if everyone works from home?

We asked our colleague Bianca how she experienced the Corona period at it-economics.

Top Company 2022

“In March two years ago, for almost all of us, our previous lives changed. So also in the working world.

Every day driving to the office or to the customer became remote working. From meeting team members in person every day, to conducting meetings over the screen.

From the very beginning, the management and employees of it-economics have thought about how we can ensure that our #oneteam remains in existence and that we don't lose our joy in our work.

Virtual coffee breaks, regular online meetings and care calls for managers were quickly established. Since the pandemic was very stressful and frightening for many of us and in some cases still is, an internal help telephone number was set up and a Corona Task Force was formed. This regularly reports on the latest developments and is available to answer questions.

Whenever time permitted, we were able to meet with a few people in the offices, where our site assistants very thoroughly introduced effective protective measures.


Our popular events continued to be held. Our developers have lovingly created an online platform that - depending on the occasion - looks like our office, a beer tent or a beach landscape. There were suitable gifts for every event, such as equipment for mixing cocktails, beer mugs or high-quality wines for a wine tasting.

So that we not only stay mentally but also physically fit, there has also been a free online fitness license for all Oneteam members since the beginning of 2021. This was especially valuable when gyms were closed. In addition, the possibility of a company subscription for fitness facilities is offered.

Many employees also had the problem that the equipment for working from home was not optimal. Here, too, very generous support was provided, for example by providing screens or ergonomic chairs. A corona bonus of up to €1.500 was also paid out. This allowed all employees to buy what they needed to make the pandemic situation more bearable.

The motto "The focus is on people" is more than lived at it-economics and so it has been the most important thing for the management from the very beginning to get all team members through the pandemic healthy. With a lot of well-considered support, I can say that I feel very comfortable with my employer. For me, it-economics has more than earned the title of top employer.”

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