Together on foot and by bike from Sofia to Hamburg

it economics goes fit

Together on foot and by bike from Sofia to Hamburg

Four weeks ago, the entire team took on the #iteconomicsGoesFit Challenge. The aim was to virtually complete the route from Sofia to Hamburg (2.357 km) together - whether by cycling, running or hiking - and visiting all company locations. The distance covered was tracked via the app.

The first few days already showed that the it-economics employees were very athletic and highly motivated and that the target was set far too low. The team had already covered the longest leg between Sofia and Munich within two days and reached the main location. A day later it left Karlsruhe and Frankfurt behind and finally arrived in Hamburg after a week via Bonn, Düsseldorf and Munster.

Donate to ShareTheMeal for kilometers traveled

For every kilometer traveled from Sofia to Hamburg, it-economics donated one euro to ShareTheMeal. It quickly became clear that an additional incentive was not necessary: ​​the team from it-economics covered an incredible 14.741 km in total, with the three best-placed drivers alone accounting for 2.170 km.

Get to know the locations

Each time they reached the different locations, they briefly introduced themselves internally and the athletes shared photos from on the go, running by the sea, hiking in the Alps or cycling through meadows and forests.

Many thanks to the organizers and everyone who took part!