A year after Great Place to Work® or how we got even bigger

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A year after Great Place to Work® or how we got even bigger

At the end of 2021, after a three-year break, we took part in the Great Place to Work® employee survey again, because the workplace culture and the satisfaction of our One Team are our top priorities. In March 2022, we were once again able to earn the Great Place To Work® award.

It was particularly important for us to know whether we are still on the right track as an employer and in which areas we can make it-economics even more attractive.

In the survey, 90% of our One team stated that it-economics is a Great Place to Work®. Based on the results, we were able to analyze our strengths and areas for development. We are very proud of our greatest strengths: team spirit, fairness and caring. But that wasn't enough for us - we wanted to get even better.

We keep asking ourselves the question, what does an attractive employer have to have these days? It is no longer enough to offer 30 days of vacation, free coffee or flexible working hours.

By forming working groups in which everyone could work voluntarily, we recognized further potential and worked on it.

What has happened?

communication and transparency

As we all know, collaboration has changed a lot in recent years. Due to the pandemic and the increasing spread of teams, internal communication no longer ran smoothly. The strong growth of our company has also played its part.

To counteract this, we have focused on one unified communication channel agreed and eliminated the many other channels. Today you can find all company news and exchange ideas with team members via MS Teams. The provision of information was also channeled and thus improved.

We also decided to do more Transparency in salaries to accomplish. For this purpose, our salary bands per level as well as the criteria for determining the salary for employees have been published. This gives everyone a better understanding of their salary, makes them feel they are being paid fairly and have the same basis for salary negotiations.

In order to improve communication about our projects and possible uses, we will be introducing a new staffing tool introduce so that possible projects and change options become more transparent and can be initiated at an early stage. So everyone has the same chance to be part of the dream project.

Proud of your work and job

Many of our employees tend to feel little pride in their performance and their job. We want to change that because as a company we are very proud of everyone's work. So how can you manage to transmit this pride?

Our employees are currently working on the following ideas:

Each of us knows it: you bought a product that you no longer need, it's too bad to throw away, but maybe someone else would be happy about it? Our employees had the idea for this internal exchange introduced so that both sides are helped. This way we can network even better and benefit from each other.

In addition, we now have our own it-economics Merchandise store, which sells branded items to wear with pride.

And if you need a little more challenge to be completely proud of yourself, you won't miss out either. Our employees can use the Changers app in regular formats compete against each other in sports and do something good for the environment at the same time.

Even more benefits?

There was also a desire for more or other benefits, so we went into more depth with another survey. What are our employees lacking? How can we support them even better? It quickly became clear that we lacked the right online learning platform where everyone could learn at their own pace. So we could Udemy firmly established as a further opportunity for further training.

In order to promote green mobility and offer our employees an incentive to move more, we are now also subsidizing ours Job cyclists.

Beer Great People make Great Places

We are very proud of how much we have achieved within the last year and will continue to work on further developing and improving it-economics and creating a workplace culture in which every One Team member can feel comfortable. We are looking forward to the next Great Place to Work® participation at the end of the year and are already looking forward to the results.



Teresa Unfried
Marketing Specialist