Focus & kununu TOP employer 2023

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Focus & kununu TOP employer 2023

We are simply TOP!

We were again recognized as a TOP employer by Focus and as a TOP company by kununu. 

TOP stands for:

T like Ttalents 

Promoting talent is the be-all and end-all for us - we attach great importance to the fact that all our employees can develop further and grow in themselves.

Every One Team member is therefore assigned a career advisor. This person takes care of determining the individual development needs and accompanying the colleague on the career path.

All permanent employees can use up to ten days per year for individual training. In addition, a One Team Day takes place every month, where everyone can bring up their own topics, hold workshops, give lectures and learn new things.

We have a special talent program for women, in which the participants are coached and encouraged in order to be able to function optimally as a team leader.

O like Oa team 

We always talk about One Team, but what does that actually mean? We don't just work together - together we celebrate successes, solve problems, support our customers, develop new ideas and concepts and learn from each other.

It-economics also has a lot to offer after work or at company events. In our teams, it usually doesn't take long for work colleagues to become friends. How it works?

When hiring new employees, we not only pay attention to technical competence, but also to the "it-economics factor". How well does the person fit into our team? Can I imagine drinking an after-work beer with her? Does the person seem trustworthy?
This is how we manage that our One Team is constantly growing and that new colleagues feel integrated very quickly. 

P like Pass 

Our passion is not only to develop software, but to work together with our customers as a trusted advisor. We strengthen the long-term future viability as well as the short-term delivery capability of our customers in order to provide them with optimal support in the digital transformation.

Each of our consultants, developers and coaches works on exciting, future-oriented projects every day. Of course, as a top employer you not only need benefits and a cool team, the work itself must also be challenging and meaningful.

It's easy TOP to work with us.  

You have the certain it-economics factor and want to work for a diverse IT consulting company? Then send us your CV [email protected].