20 years of it-economics GmbH

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20 years of it-economics GmbH

Today is the day - we are celebrating our 20th birthday. 

it-economics GmbH was founded on January 18, 2003 – at that time still as a mailbox company. The founder Torsten Klein had the vision to support companies in digitization and to develop and deliver customer-optimized software. To do this, he brought Tobias Fischer and Hardi Probst on board, two outstanding software developers, to start the joint company. 

Customers were surveyed to develop a suitable slogan and logo.  
Three words were used above all: technology, expertise and management. 
This is how the idea with the 3 beans as a logo came about, based on the programming language Java and the coffee of the same name.

Gradually the company grew and already in 2006 it economics move into their first own office in Munich. 

The first employee, Robert, followed in 2006, who is still with us today and it economics made a significant contribution. You can read more about this in our interview.

With the takeover of the company by Sopra Steria in 2018, we have been part of a strong group with extensive know-how on all aspects of digital transformation for five years now. In 2021 there was also a complete change in management with Klaus Wiedemann, Frederic Munch and Stefan Schmid.  

Gradually, more locations with many new employees emerged and the customer base with a wide variety of projects grew and grew. We now have 8 locations in Germany and a nearshore center in Bulgaria with a total of around 320 One Team members. 

20 years of it-economics infographic

We look back on 20 years of knowledge, experience and success and would like to thank everyone supporters, Partners, customers and employees, the it economics shaped and accompanied.
We will continue to rely on the latest technologies in the future in order to be able to advance the digitization and agile transformation of our customers.