Successful Remote Teamwork

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This modular course series teaches concrete and lively techniques and tricks for working together successfully as a team even in a distributed working environment. The course series is aimed at team members and team leaders who use classic or agile approaches in their everyday work. In one part of the modules the focus is on the goal-oriented use of the Atlassian tools Jira and Confluence in distributed work environments.

Together with our trainers the participants will try out helpful practices to make remote collaboration successful. In particular, the success factors for effective team meetings, optimized workflows, creative team sessions, as well as helpful features and tricks in Jira and Confluence will be discussed.

Of course, the compact training modules themselves take place online as remote live training, so that the participants already have the opportunity to apply the new techniques themselves and fill them with life during the courses.

that’s what this training is all about:

  • In five one to two hour modules, which can be booked independently of each other, the participants learn techniques and tricks with which they can successfully master the key challenges of distributed teamwork.
  • In the different modules, the challenges regarding information flow and transparency, meeting execution and appropriate workflows will be addressed in order to give participants a comprehensive picture of how to design distributed collaboration.
  • The modules are structured interactively, the focus is on supporting the remote teams in their daily collaboration with suitable tools and successfully tested methods and techniques.
  • Efficient collaboration at different locations, e.g. in the home office or across international branches, quickly becomes a common thing with the appropriate mindset, know-how and tools.
  • The modules are the perfect start if your teams are currently facing the new challenge of mastering their daily work in a virtual environment.


our all-round carefree package for you:

  • Live and online – in small groups of 8-10 participants we enable a high degree of interaction
  • Access to high-quality collaboration tools during and after the training included
  • The modules are held by experienced Atlassian Certified Professionals
  • Hands on – try it out! You will quickly and purposefully get to know and use the most important functions of the tools and moderation techniques for distributed teams.

Prices, dates and booking:

The modules of this course series can be booked independently and are aimed at different target groups and needs.

Price per module:

150 Euro plus VAT.


  • Entry module: Remote Work with JIRA & Confluence for PL/TPL/PMO
    • Wednesday, 22.04.2020, 5-7 pm
    • Wednesday, 29.04.2020, 5-7 pm
  • Entry module: We Go Digital – Ready for remote work in 2 hours with Confluence and JIRA

    • Thursday, 23.04.2020, 5-7 pm
    • Wednesday, 06.05.2020, 5-7 pm

For registration please use the contact form below.

Your advantages

The course series is aimed at team members and team leaders who want to successfully master their everyday work in distributed teams

Short live online modules can be easily integrated into the working day

Online Collaboration Tools – Jira and Confluence as a proven and popular standard

contents of the workshop series

Entry module: Remote Work with JIRA & Confluence for PL/TPL/PMO (1.5h)

  • The most important features of Confluence and JIRA at a glance
  • Interactive usage examples of Confluence and JIRA for typical PL/TPL/PMO activities like meeting planning, documentation and task scheduling
  • Applicable for both classic and agile project management

Module: We Go Digital – Ready for remote work in 2 hours with Confluence and JIRA (2h)

  • The most important functions at a glance
  • Interaction of Jira and Confluence in everyday project work
  • Use cases from practice

Module: Moderation techniques for distributed meetings (1h)

  • Framework conditions for successful virtual meetings
  • Possibilities of interaction
  • Suitable formats for shared content

Entry module: Success factors for co-creative remote team meetings (2h)

  • Framework conditions for efficient virtual collaboration
  • Techniques and tools for successful real-time interaction
  • Suitable formats for shared content

Module: Optimized workflows in daily doing in remote situations (2h)

  • Task overview – personal and for complete teams or projects
  • Interruptions vs. concentrated work
  • Joint reviews (4-eye principle)
  • Timeboxing – Mix work in a team – together & alone


No preparation is necessary for participation in the modules

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