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A version control system is an essential tool in the everyday work of any professional software development team. An excellent version control system allows continuous and smooth code adjustments without file conflicts, and all developers in your team can code in parallel without getting in each other’s way. The question that now arises is which version control system to use. Here we offer you THE solution:

In this two-day workshop we not only teach you the basics of Git and Bitbucket, but also relevant tricks and best practices to make your daily work with the version control system Git easier.

that’s what this training is all about:

  • This workshop provides a solid introduction to the basic concepts of Git. With a good mix of theory and practical exercises, participants will learn all aspects of Git and Bitbucket interactively.
  • Git is an open source software for file-based change tracking in projects. Git uses commits to build on stages where changes build on each other. Due to its decentralized structure, Git enables its users to work together offline from anywhere.
  • With Bitbucket you get a Git server that is perfectly integrated into the Atlassian world and efficiently supports the execution of merges, pull requests, code reviews and many other development tasks. With the perfect symbiosis of JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket and Bamboo, you and your team receive efficient and consolidated feedback on the current development status.

our all-round carefree package for you:

  • 2-day online training with experienced software developers and Atlassian Certified Professionals
  • Training documents
  • minimum 6 to maximum 8 participants
  • if more than 8 participants are planned in this training, a co-trainer will be used

Your advantages

For developers who like to work in a team on software development and want to learn advanced version management skills

Sound introduction to the basic concepts of Git. Extensive knowledge of how to combine Git and Bitbucket and how to quickly and efficiently link to Bamboo, Confluence and JIRA

Through a good mix of theory and practical exercises, participants will learn all aspects of Git and Bitbucket interactively

contents of the workshop


  • Module 1: Git vs. SVN and the 101 of Git commands. Introduces Git clients and how to work with Git and how to reset changes.
  • Module 2: Bitbucket – the central repository. Introduction to distributed working with Bitbucket.
  • Module 3: Learning how to work with branches and merging. Learn important commands and concepts, workflows and useful tips about Bitbucket. Introduction to handling persistent branches, splitting repositories and dealing with merge conflicts.
  • Module 4: Overview of best practices; in-depth lessons on collaborative working, tagging, history rewriting, tracking changes, creating releases, and continuous bug fixing.
  • Module 5: Integration of Git and Bitbucket with Jira, Confluence and Bamboo for more efficient working


  • No specific previous knowledge is required.
  • Knowledge in software development is helpful.
  • Knowledge of agile project management methods is helpful.

contact for inhouse trainings

Heidi Mayer
Consulting Lead – Business Line Atlassian
Senior Atlassian Consultant

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