The world of hackers

Types, motivations and their impact on cyber security

The world of hackers

Hackers are everywhere in today's digital world. They can bankrupt a company in no time or steal vital information from government institutions. However, there are different types of hackers that have different motivations. In this blog post, we will look at the different types of hackers and their motivations.

White hat/ethical hackers

This type of hacker has cyber security skills and looks for vulnerabilities in systems. However, they have no ill intentions and do not want to cause any harm. Instead, they report their discoveries to affected companies or institutions to help them fix security vulnerabilities.

Black hat hackers

However, blackhat hackers have bad intentions. They want access to systems and data to cause damage or steal confidential information. They often use illegal methods to achieve their goals and pose a serious threat to businesses and organizations.

Greyhat Hacker

The greyhat hackers are a mixture of blackhat and whitehat. They have cyber security skills and hack for fun or to test their skills. Although they have no evil intentions, they can still cause unexpected damage.

Other types of hackers

  • Red hat hackers are very experienced and hack sensitive information of companies or government institutions. They often have political or ideological motivations.
  • Blue hat hackers test applications before they are released to uncover and fix vulnerabilities.
  • elite hackers are well known in the hacking community and have both good skills and connections to other hackers.
  • script kiddies are usually newbies without much experience who use someone else's code and tutorials to hack.
  • Green hat hackers are also newbies, but have a more positive motivation than script kiddies. They want to learn and improve their skills without harming anyone.
  • hacktivists use hacking as a tool to spread social, ideological, religious or political messages.


Hackers are not only a threat to companies and institutions, but also to society as a whole. Different types of hackers have different motivations and impact on cyber security. It is important to be aware that hacking is illegal and unethical and that companies and organizations should regularly review and improve their security to protect themselves from hackers.

Fatih Yurdakul


Fatih Yurdakul
Software Developer & Security Expert