Test automation with ORQA

Management: 20%
Technology: 50%
Business expertise: 30%

The aim of this project is to set up a car bank and thus also to establish a banking system for the financing of vehicles. In the sub-project test automation, a high quality of the technical test procedures should be achieved with little effort. The test data was imported and validated with the test automation software ORQA. This was the basis for reducing risks due to manual intervention. The quality is assured and improved by the possibility to perform a wide range of regression tests. At the same time, the test processes can be accelerated significantly and fewer external or internal testers are required.

IT environment

  • HTML
  • Windows application
  • Jira
  • ORQA

Key figures

  • Automation effort: 4 PM

Our roles

  • Project management
  • Test management
  • Tester
  • Developer

Our responsibilities

  • Structuring and management of the sub-project, coordination with the external IT service providers
  • Setup and maintenance of the test automation, adaptation of the test automation after changes in the IT systems in particular
  • Creation and maintenance of the required test data
  • Import and validation of test data into the various IT systems
  • Planning, control and implementation of technical tests for payment transactions, accounting, treasury, customer service retail and wholesale as well as marketing/product management
  • Error management in a heterogeneous IT environment
  • Measurement of test results using quality metrics