Pegasus Gas 2.0 – calculation solution

Management: 20%
Technology: 60%
Business expertise: 20%

The aim of the project is to process all calculations for major customers of an energy group via a central backend system. On the one hand, this makes it possible to handle the enormously increasing calculation volume without additional personnel costs, and on the other hand, to track, report and centrally control all calculations. The system is used to handle over 90% of natural gas sales for major customers. It forms the digital basis which enables large customers to order natural gas directly over the Internet.

IT environment

  • Java, Spring, Hibernate
  • Oracle, Swing, Web services, Amazon Web Services (AWS), SAP Process Integration (PI)

Key figures

  • > 37,000 calculations
  • Average acceleration of a calculation by factor 10
  • ~ 8.75 billion sales p.a. are handled by Pegasus Gas
  • > 500 users
  • > 4,000 automated tests

Our roles

  • Scrum Team members
  • Architect / Developer

Our responsibilities

  • Inclusion of requirements for new natural gas distribution products
  • Support with specification
  • Development of a component-based best-practice architecture
  • Implementation of given requirements
  • Quality assurance through automated testing and measurement of quality metrics