Mobile app development (iOS) in the security environment

Management: 0%
Technology: 70%
Business expertise: 30%

The aim of the project is to provide a mobile app for encrypted end-to-end communication on mobile devices based on the latest security standards. The core of the app forms a protected and encrypted container, which is separated from the rest of the device. Access to the sensitive data within this encrypted data vault by other apps or third parties is thereby excluded and allows, among other things, the strict and secure separation of personal and business data.

IT environment

iOS, Objective-C, iPhone, UIKit, iPhone Foundation Framework, CocoaPods, Jenkins, Gerrit, Git

Key figures

  • 15 people in the project
  • 3 employees of it-economics

Our roles

  • Mobile app developer
  • UI expertise

Our responsibilities

  • Agile software development
  • Implementation in the iOS environment
  • Architecture
  • User interface design & coaching
  • Test automation
  • Support & ticket processing