Mobile app development (iOS / Android) for banks

Management: 30%
Technology: 40%
Business expertise: 30%

Besides online banking, mobile banking is a topic that must meet high standards in various areas. On the one hand, the banking app must comply with both legal and banking specifications, and on the other hand, it must meet technical aspects such as app integrity, data security and design requirements. In this complex project we support the further development and quality assurance of the mobile banking apps of various banks.

IT environment

iOS, Objective-C, Swift, Android, Java, Play Services, Jenkins, Jira, Confluence, UnitTesting, UI-Testing

Key figures

  • > 4 Mio. Downloads
  • Whitelabel app for 7 banks
  • 4 Scrum teams with 8 people each
  • 5 employees of it-economics

Our responsibilities

  • Agile software development
  • Implementation in the iOS/Android environment
  • Architecture/Quality engineering
  • Build management
  • Maintenance coordination
  • Test automation
  • Support & ticket processing

Our roles

  • Mobile app developer
  • Project management