Migration project of a global insurance company

Management: 10%
Technology: 60%
Business expertise: 30%

The aim of the project is to rebuild the contract management system based on the technical architecture of the inventory management system “Leben”. The COBOL-based inventory management system will be replaced by a new Java-based system in a decentralized environment. In the context of a digitization strategy, the project will also develop defined self-services for integration into front-end partner systems and implement the dark policy for pension and protection products.

IT environment

  • Life insurance
  • IBM z/OS, Linux
  • COBOL, Java, C
  • Spring, Mybatis
  • DB2

Key figures

  • > 40 team members
  • > 4 years runtime
  • 1 employee of it-economics

Our roles

  • Developing Architect

Our responsibilities

  • Design, implementation and testing of z/OS to Linux communication
    – Marshalling/Unmarshalling of the technical objects
    (z/OS and Linux/Spring)
    – Implementation of a HTTP client in z/OS on
    Basis of gSOAP
  • Implementation and design of the Java side of the distributed transaction control
  • Structure of the Continuous Integration/DevOps landscape