Architecture, infrastructure and operation ‘virtual power plant’ for a German energy company

Management: 30%
Technology: 50%
Business Expertise: 20%

The ‘virtual power plant’ of a German energy company networks decentralized energy producers and consumers and thus enables central control of the plants. This aggregation also enables smaller plants to participate in the balancing energy market and also provides access to other modern forms of marketing. Thanks to the complete in-house development, our customer can react quickly and efficiently to market changes and integrate almost any type of plant – CHP, gas turbines, biogas plants, wind turbines, solar panels and industrial consumers.

IT environment

  • Infrastructure: VMWare, Ubuntu, Postgres, Hadoop / Cloudera, Kafka, Spark, Puppet, Elastic Stack, Docker
  • Languages: Scala, Ruby
  • Monitoring: Sensu, Whatsup Gold, PRTG
  • Development: Jenkins, Gitlab, Jira & Confluence

Key figures

  • Coordination of 3 Scrum teams, data center, DevOps, network and business teams
  • > 800 virtual machines, 20 TB time series database
  • > 2000 connected energy producers and consumers

Our roles

  • DevOps / Infrastructure lead
  • Application architect
  • Release manager

Our responsibilities

  • Design, setup and operation of the virtual infrastructure, coordination with data center operation
  • Application architecture development: microservices in Scala and Ruby
  • Release management and continuous integration / deployment
  • Infrastructure and application operation: monitoring and alerting,
    incident management, SLA / KPIs
  • Certification with internal audits and to the transmission system operators