Agile organisation, method and project development for an international insurance group

Management: 70%
Technology: 10%
Business expertise: 20%

As preferred partner we support the agile transition in a project for the new development of a product in the area of sales management and provisioning. As Agile Coaches, we train and implement appropriate agile organization and working methods in a conventionally organized departmental area of the cross-sectional business organization in this major project. The goals are to increase the satisfaction of employees, requestors and stakeholders through self-organisation and agile attitude, efficient integrated requirements management and transparency for project content and status.

IT environment

Mainframe, Unix, Java, Angular JS, Oracle  u.a.

Key figures

  • >30 persons in hierarchical levels up to the specialist department

Our roles

  • Agile training, coaching
  • Scrum Master of the organizational area
  • Moderation, conception
  • Requirements engineering
  • Implementation of Confluence and Jira

Our responsibilities

  • Conception of completely new organisational structures, orchestration and training of suitable methods
  • Teaching and training of agile work forms and roles, including user stories, estimation, backlog, task board
  • Preparation, implementation and Wiki-based communication and multiplication of all organisational measures, project work and results
  • Support and coaching of teams and non-agile interfaces