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The optimization of individual teams does not necessarily lead to the optimization of the entire organization. Wherever teams exceed a certain size or products are connected to other products in a complex way, there is a need for new approaches: how can cross-team work succeed in creating complex, connected products without giving up the advantages of agile working. In other words: how can all your agile teams together move in the same direction without taking the wind out of each other’s sails.

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There are various proven approaches for agile cooperation with several teams. We work with you to find the best scaling framework and adapt it to your organization. In doing so, we identify the necessary framework for scaling and determine the need for change in the process organization. Along the transformation process, we ensure that cross-divisional and cross-team collaboration is structured and value-added in a way that suits your organization.

Your advantages

design of cross-departmental and cross-team programmes

assistance in setting the framework for self-organised systems

coaching of executives

partners and products

The Scrum Alliance is the largest member and certification organization for scrum worldwide.

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is one of the most common frameworks to scale scrum or agility across team boundaries.

Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) is an approach to convert a development organization to scrum with multiple teams.


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frequently asked questions

What does scaling mean?
Scaling of agility means the application of agile principles to more than one team (where a team consists of a maximum of about 7-11 people). For such a scenario it is essential to introduce structures and processes that ensure the self-organization of the teams.

What distinguishes LeSS from SAFe?
While SAFe defines detailed roles and processes on the levels team, release train (program), solution and portfolio to synchronize many teams, LeSS tries to transfer the essence of scrum to larger teams and organizations with minimal rules.

Which scaling approach suits our organization?
We would be happy to advise you individually on the appropriate organisational approach. This depends on the culture in your organization, the goals you want to achieve and the experience you have already gained.

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