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An agile transformation is a journey into the unknown for any organization and has effects on the entire company that are often not easily foreseeable at the beginning. There are legal, organizational and financial implications far beyond the departments involved. In the event of a major change, it is also important to proactively involve and inform all parties affected – employees, management, workers’ council and possibly also customers.

our solution

Our very experienced Senior Agile Coaches can support and coach you on all organizational levels and are not afraid of the non-agile environment. They offer experience in how to deal with economic, budgetary and legal situations. Finally, we find a good way to actively involve stakeholders and those affected by the change and to take them along with a coherent change story.

Our claim is to be your reliable partner in all phases of the agile journey. Together with you and your team we develop the vision and the target for the transformation. Where should this help you to be more successful? For example: Waiting times in the E2E process. Together we develop an organizational framework for the transformation and prepare managers for their role in the agile context. Finally, we support you in communicating the target vision to the entire team and developing it further with them.

our services:

  • Budgets
  • Stakeholder management
  • Change communication
  • Organizational development
  • Cooperation with workers’ council
  • Setting up kpi/okr
  • Rooms & infrastructure
  • Coaching of the board members

Your advantages

orchestration of all specific measures

integration of the entire organization

unified communication and organisational strategy

partners and products

The Scrum Alliance is the largest member and certification organization for scrum worldwide.

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is one of the most common frameworks to scale scrum or agility across team boundaries.

Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) is an approach to convert a development organization to scrum with multiple teams.


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frequently asked questions

What do we need a vision for?
A vision is the guiding principle for all those involved and allows work on a product or project to be coordinated far more efficiently than through individual work instructions.

What is change manamagent?
Change management accompanies changes in the company so that new structures, processes, values can be established and therefore the desired objectives can be achieved. The aim is to involve all those affected by the change and thus reduce frictional losses due to resistance or inconsistent approaches.

What is an agile organization?
An agile organization is characterized by consciously and holistically shaping continuous change. It is therefore particularly useful where continuous change is necessary (e.g. a VUKA environment – volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous).

What is leadership development?
An agile organization also creates completely new challenges for managers. More than ever before, they are now required to develop a clear vision and clear goals, but at the same time to allow teams maximum freedom in implementing them. For this, managers must be able to withstand uncertainty and at the same time formulate their visions and goals very clearly – even in the face of resistance or incomprehension. These skills can be developed in training, but also in individual coaching.

What is an agile transformation?
An agile transformation introduces agile methods and processes for an entire organization or a larger unit within an organization. Thus, it does not only affect team processes, but also fundamental topics such as roles, target agreement systems, contracts, workers’ council, etc. Therefore an agile transformation requires comprehensive support over a longer period of time.

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