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When the company sets its course towards agility, a new and promising wind is blowing. Everyone – every employee – is part of the process of change towards agile working methods. We provide individual assistance to reduce initial uncertainties, establish agile methods and support in dealing with increasing complexity.

our solution

Agile transformation begins with the people. We know the challenges and opportunities you face and can accompany you practically and personally to agile shores, even in stormy seas. We identify whether and what development needs your employees and managers have and where they need support. We accompany people through change, offer individual lifelines and work actively with resistance. In this way we promote the emergence of an agile mindset.

We have experts in our ranks for every role in the agile environment. Our agile masters provide on-site and training support. Developers, business analysts and product owners develop their coworkers informally and on-the-job.

Your advantages

coaching know-how for managers and employees at all levels

coaching of employees on the job and introduction to new tasks (Scrum Master, Product Owner etc.)

broad range of certified training courses

partners and products

The Scrum Alliance is the largest member and certification organization for scrum worldwide.

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is one of the most common frameworks to scale scrum or agility across team boundaries.

Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) – an approach to convert a development organization to scrum with multiple teams.


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frequently asked questions

What exactly is done in a retro and what is it good for?
In the retrospective, the team has the opportunity to look at the sprint that has just finished and ask themselves: What went well? What can we still improve? They can also see which agreements need to be adjusted and where there is a need for external communication. The retrospective serves to continuously improve the scrum process.

How big is a user story?
A user story should be large enough to be completed in a few days – in any case it should be possible to complete it within a sprint. At the same time it should add a certain value to the system on its own.

What is an MVP and can we really go out with it?
A minimum viable product is a product that meets the minimum requirements to be usable and generate value. It doesn’t have to be as mature as that to actually be sold in the marketplace. Nevertheless, it allows certain users to provide feedback and steer further development in the right direction.

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