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Organisations are prevented by the existing IT infrastructure from finding new routes in unknown waters. But you can only be as agile as your IT infrastructure allows. Therefore, organizations need tools that support agile operation and development and also offer a high degree of adaptability for the future.

our solution

Our experts analyze the status of your IT structure and technical procedures. From the endless sea of software, we create tailor-made solutions to map your processes. As a certified Atlassian Platinum Partner, we support you and your employees in all steps of tool implementation.

We create an agile IT infrastructure and agile development procedures as the core of agile transformation.

Your advantages

holistic assessment of process, methodological, professional and technical requirements

flexible solutions for value-added processes based on the division of labour in IT and business

quota-based commissions for flexible and cost-efficient implementation

partners and products

We are Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner. The award with the highest level of partnership is the result of many years of cooperation with Atlassian, many successful projects and the trust of our customers.

When it comes to continuous integration, deployment and delivery, Bamboo server is the solution of choice for professional teams: automating builds, tests and releases in a single workflow.

Bitbucket is more than just a tool for managing git code. It gives your team the ability to plan projects, collaborate on code, and perform testing and deployment in one place.

Create, collaborate on and store tasks – all in one place. Unlike other document and file sharing tools, Confluence is open and accessible, enabling optimal team and enterprise collaboration.

Jira Software is designed to enable all members of your software team to plan, track and release great software.

Collaborate faster and easier through IT modernization. Jira Service Desk is a versatile ITSM team solution for rapid service delivery.


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frequently asked questions

What does an agile infrastructure look like?
Agile infrastructure supports extensive automation, especially of build and release processes. Agile infrastructure supports maximum transparency, both in terms of task planning and release processes or quality assurance. Agile infrastructure is open for continuous adaptation and integration of new tools.

How does Continous Integration (CI)/ Continuous Delivery (CD) work?
Continous Integration ensures that new code, as soon as it is checked in by the developer, is immediately and automatically processed with existing code into a ready-to-deliver package. All automated tests are also carried out, so that after each check-in it is ensured that the new code works together with existing code trouble-free. Continuous Delivery goes one step further and immediately delivers the software built in this way to a test server so that it can be tested. Delivery is then possible (usually overnight) to the production systems.

Do we still have to test?
Testing is done in many places in agile development: through automated tests, which are already created before the actual code is developed. By developers and reviewers, by automated tests as part of the continuous integration process, by the product owner as part of the acceptance criteria check. So testing continues to be intensive (actually more intensive than in many classic projects), but this is not done in a separate process step, but continuously accompanies the development and delivery process.

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