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we accompany sustainable, agile transformation comprehensively and competently

iterative approach in co-creation

We know from experience that only a co-creative approach leads to sustainable change. By involving the people affected by the transformation, the organisation can be empowered to develop and continuously improve the solution it really needs.

our approach

maintaining good

It is important for us to name good things in order to maintain them, and to actively support people in the organisation to contribute to the solutions where they are needed. In doing so, we are effective at different levels and in different areas: with the individual person, in teams, in the scaled environment – and in the overall organisation.

iterative approach

We take an iterative approach to transformation. We introduce the interventions developed in co-creation and incorporate the change achieved through this, its side effects and what we have learned from it into the design of the next measure. With this approach, we are always close to the system and the people with you and can thus be specifically effective and react quickly.

all-round expertise

Our transformation team combines IT, change and methodological know-how. This enables us to provide you with comprehensive, effective and sensibly coordinated support at all levels.


People are at the forefront of agile transformation. We accompany people through the change process towards agile ways of working. We help to identify challenges and opportunities and provide you with practical and personal support. In doing so, we help individually to reduce initial uncertainties, to establish agile methods and to support in dealing with increasing complexity.

our approach

We have experts for every role in the agile environment. Scrum masters take care of the personal development of team members, as well as removing obstacles and resolving disputes. Our coaches talk to managers up to board level to help you find or define your new role and develop further – because change starts in the minds of top management. We ensure a smooth flow of information to enable good communication between people.

agile teams

In an environment where not everything can be foreseen or planned, teams that are aligned according to agile principles show the greatest success. The continuous improvement of the teams is therefore an integral part of the agile way of working. This includes, in particular, a lively feedback and error culture.

our approach

self-organised teams

We help teams to internalise the agile values and principles, to apply methods correctly and, if necessary, to adapt them to the team. The central goal is to build a high-performing team and lead it to self-organisation.

always by your side

We accompany your employees at the place of action. As a team coach (ScrumMaster/Agile Master) directly with the team, in order to promote the personal development of the team members and self-organisation in addition to methodological support. If desired, we provide business analysts and agile developers who work directly on the product and pass on specialist and methodological knowledge to the team.

scaled agile

There is a great need for new approaches, especially when multiple teams are working on the same product or products are related to other products in complex ways. We build frameworks that enable collaboration between multiple teams. Along the transformation, we ensure that cross-functional and cross-team collaboration is designed in a way that fits your organisation and adds value.

our approach

We bring our extensive experience in selecting and adapting the scaling methodology. Especially in the transformation towards an agile way of working in a scaled environment, the comprehensive approach and the transformation team with IT, change and methodology expertise is valuable. This is because scaling requires strong leadership and management involvement as well as an alignment of the framework. We offer support in organising and facilitating Big Room planning as well as certifications for SAFe and LeSS.

organisational development

For any organisation, an agile transformation is a journey into the unknown and has an impact on the entire company that is often not easily foreseeable at the beginning. Our experience from successful projects is that agile transformation only succeeds if it is comprehensive. The organisation must be seen as a holistic system and must start at different levels – employees, board, works council and possibly also customers.

our approach

extensive competence from practice

The more people, teams and areas the transformation affects, the deeper and wider the adjustments that need to be made to achieve a functioning overall project. Budgeting processes for projects, but also the development of role profiles and development concepts for employees, as well as communication, are very important. Other areas such as finance, human resources and committees also receive active support from our coaches and benefit from extensive implementation expertise. They offer experience on how to deal with economic, budgetary and legal situations.

collaborative advancement

Together with you and your team, we develop the vision and the target image for the transformation and support you in communicating the target image to the entire team and developing it further with them. The transformation towards agile collaboration in a scaled environment also leads to changes in the organisational structure and processes. Together we develop an organisational framework for the transformation and prepare managers for their role in the agile context. Our claim is to be your reliable partner in all phases of the agile journey.

agile IT

Organisations can only be as agile as their IT infrastructure allows. You need tools that support agile working and development and also bring a high degree of adaptability for the future.

our approach

tailor-made solutions

Our experts analyse the status of your IT structure and technical procedures. From the large selection of software on the market today, we create custom-fit solutions to map your processes. As a certified Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we support you and your employees in all steps of the tool introduction and sensible configuration. With our advanced training and “training on the job” offers, we further develop your agile software developers.

holistic, agile IT

We create an agile IT infrastructure and agile development procedures as part of a holistic agile transformation.