Mobile App Development

set out into digitalization

For the passage into the digital worlds, a modern and robustly constructed ship is needed. We make sure that your ship is built with the latest technology and can cope with the changing winds of user requirements.

Because we know that apps are an important point of contact between customers and companies, we build outstanding apps that run stable and performant, are visually appealing and intuitively designed – and thus create satisfied users.

Our team masters the latest technologies for iOS and Android, focuses on maintainable, flexible architectures and knows the pitfalls and possibilities of mobile application development.

our solution

Using methods such as “Lean Product Validation”, “Agile Development” and “DevOps”, our teams develop mobile applications that are tailored to your needs. We are happy to support you in developing your ideas with our expertise in User Centered Design and UI / UX. For early evaluation, we quickly bring concepts from the drawing board to the device using rapid prototyping technologies.
We develop apps for the iOS and Android platforms, following the current standards of Apple and Google and using modern technologies that guarantee performance, stability and longevity. We integrate your mobile app into your existing system landscape. Thanks to our experience in cloud and server technologies, we can bring your app from the database to the smartphone and tailor interfaces specifically to the needs of mobile applications. We use encryption to protect databases and communication from attacks by third parties. With technologies such as secure architecture, code obfuscation and fingerprint authentication, we strengthen the security of your app.

Your advantages

native development

latest authentication and encryption technology

backend for frontend – integration into your existing system landscape

extensive expertise in user centered design and UI / UX

partners and products

Android – the most widespread operating system for mobile devices worldwide

iOS and iPadOs – Apple’s operating systems for mobile devices

Flutter – an open source SDK from Google for the cross-platform development of mobile apps

Ionic – an open source web framework for creating hybrid apps and progressive web apps

Firebase – the development platform from Google, for rapid development and scaling of apps

Appium – an open source test automation framework for native, hybrid and mobile web applications


frequently asked questions

What do I need an app for?
Many users no longer own a desktop, but use smartphones and tablets to access the Internet. By 2016, the share of traffic from mobile devices has already surpassed the desktop, and the trend is rising. Native apps give these users fast access to corporate services that simplify their daily lives.

For which platforms do you develop apps?
We develop apps for iOS and Android, specializing in native app development. If required, we also support the integration of native components into hybrid apps.

What apps have you developed?
Our teams develop apps of our major customers in the areas of banking, health and communication. Additionally, we develop independent apps mainly for internal use.

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