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remote teamwork is more than an online meeting

In the current situation of the Corona pandemic, we have converted all teams, meetings, workshops, trainings and university lectures to virtual collaboration. This is particularly important in agile collaboration. In the process, we have developed a variety of tools that can be applied in the different situations. We share our experiences in our short online teaching format “4 in 40”, in which we present four methods from eight topic areas for online collaboration in 40 minutes each and apply them together with the participants.

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our training: 4 in 40 – 4 methods in 40 minutes (German)

Working together digitally as a distributed team is suddenly ubiquitous. The fact that remote teamwork is more than simply starting a meeting in an online tool becomes apparent after the first meetings at the latest, when the otherwise well-rehearsed communication rules no longer work. Interaction within the team also changes or even decreases.
The call for innovative tools is not enough and often dies away in lengthy approval processes. How can we still manage to work together well, solution-oriented and with fun? In the “4 in 40” format, participants experience and learn in eight modules of 40 minutes each four varied methods for the most diverse everyday challenges, such as moderation, creativity, decision-making and teambuilding. All of them can be easily and quickly integrated into daily work and implemented without additional tools.

we also offer this training publicly or as in-house training

recurring challenges for remote teams

Who are you?
Get to know each other remotely

Oops, there’s suddenly an unfamiliar name popping up in the online meeting, maybe a new team member?! Especially when we work remotely, it’s not so easy to get to know each other, to welcome each other or even to bootstrap entire teams remotely. So how do we get to know each other online – away from dating platforms?

Look here!
igital visualisation

No meeting without flipcharts and Post-its, whiteboards and pictures to visualise contexts – or so we thought. But what do we do if we don’t have walls on which we can paint or stick post-its together? With the right tools, a bit of ingenuity and lots of colour, of course it can be done digitally!

Be innovative!
igital idea generation

Easier said than done. Can we be creative, think freely and come up with innovative solutions if we are all sitting alone in front of a screen? Sure, with the right methods, it is possible to think in new directions and find creative solutions even remotely in a team. Let’s go!

Let’s go!

Boom – the online meeting starts already. We move seamlessly from one appointment to the other, haven’t left our seat for hours and don’t always know who else is in the meeting. Why not break the ice in a short and snappy way? Sometimes informative, sometimes funny, sometimes surprising, sometimes activating – but always with a good start!

And what do we do now?
Make decisions

The first one to shout wins! Or is it possible to vote jointly and equally in home office times? Which tools and methods help to make the right decisions? There are lots of possibilities – which one do you think we have chosen?

Everybody talks!
Facilitation of virtual meetings

Do you know this too? In online meetings, a question is asked and it is followed by… silence. Then several people speak at the same time, followed by silence again. Or only the loud and active ones get a chance to speak. Fortunately, there are a few methods that allow everyone to participate – even in virtual meetings.

When did we meet?
Stay in contact

Normally we sit in a team room, see each other at the coffee machine or run into each other in the corridor. How is that supposed to happen digitally? One thing is clear: it won’t happen on its own. We have to apply a few routines, tricks and gimmicks so that we don’t lose sight of each other and the informational communication doesn’t disappear.

It gets personal!
Giving and receiving feedback

Feedback – that’s always one of those things. Whether you like it or not, it affects us as a person. This can be especially tricky when working remotely. How important is giving feedback, how easy is it for me and how do I accept feedback? You can find a few ideas here!