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The larger your ship becomes, the more difficult the communication between the crew becomes. Different teams have different tasks, specializations and goals. How can you ensure that collaboration is still efficient?

When developing and operating an IT system or software, the dev team wants to quickly release new versions of the software, the ops team is responsible for keeping the system stable. As a result, there is a high coordination effort and it is very difficult to get an overview of the system. Each department has its own procedures, which means that there are also many manual activities in the delivery chain to link them together.

The central problem that DevOps aims to address is to ensure stable operation of software systems and yet react quickly to changes. DevOps works when product success is the overriding goal for everyone. Our DevOps experts support you in the introduction and implementation in your company.

our solution

We accompany you through the cultural change that your company needs.

With introductory workshops we find out together with your employees where your company stands. Through accompanying training courses, we lay the foundation so that your teams can master the new challenges.

Experienced consultants help to bring interdisciplinary teams together and to adopt the new way of working and thinking. With our expertise in the agile environment, we support you with the organizational challenges and with our broad knowledge of the supporting technologies we find an optimal toolchain for your requirements.

Your advantages

transformation from one provider

support via workshops and training courses that accompany the cultural change in your company

optimization of your delivery processes with modern tooling

partners and products

Ansible is an open source automation tool for orchestration and general configuration and administration. It combines software distribution, ad-hoc command execution and configuration management.

When it comes to continuous integration, deployment and delivery, Bamboo Server is the solution of choice for professional teams: automating builds, tests and releases in a single workflow.

CircleCi is an integration and deployment platform for Linux, MacOS and Android, in the cloud or self-hosted.

Docker is a software platform that allows applications to be quickly created, tested and deployed in any environment.

Git is a widely used free software for distributed version management of files.

Jenkins is an expandable, web-based software system for the continuous integration of components into an application.


frequently asked questions

What is DevOps?
DevOps is an artificial word, which is composed of the terms development (Dev) and operations (Ops). Thus DevOps combines two often separate IT areas: The goal of DevOps is to make the development of software more efficient and reliable by adapting the processes.

What is Continuous Delivery (CD)?
Continuous Delivery means that changes made by developers to the software are automatically tested and loaded into a repository from where they can be implemented by the Ops team. Transparency and communication problems between dev and ops teams are reduced and new code is delivered with minimal effort.

What is Continuous Integration (CI)?
Continuous Integration is a technique of agile software development. Nowadays, several teams often work on one software and, in the worst case, their code is only brought together after a long time, so many of the potential conflicts can only be tackled very late in the development process. Continous Integration is designed to prevent this: Changes are merged in short cycles and validated in automatic builds and different levels of testing. If automatic testing detects conflicts, CI can be used to identify and resolve them faster and more often.

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