Security in the cloud – the roles

Security and protection in the cloud environment
Security roles in the cloud

Security in the cloud – the roles

There are different security roles and responsibilities in the cloud.

However, the exact distribution of roles depends on the type of cloud (public, private, or hybrid), the cloud provider, and the specific needs of the organization. In this article I give an overview of the different roles.

Cloud Security Architect

is responsible for the development and implementation of the cloud security architecture. The Cloud Security Architect is able to develop an effective cloud security strategy and ensure that all security, compliance and data protection requirements are met.

Cloud Security Engineer

is responsible for implementing and monitoring security measures and controls in the cloud environment. The cloud security engineer is responsible for ensuring that the cloud environment is safe and secure and that all security gaps and risks are minimized.

Cloud Compliance Manager

is responsible for adhering to compliance standards and regulations in the cloud environment. The Cloud Compliance Manager monitors and ensures that the cloud environment meets all relevant compliance requirements.

Cloud Security Analyst

is responsible for monitoring and analyzing security threats and risks in the cloud environment. The Cloud Security Analyst uses specialized tools and technologies to identify and combat threats and works closely with other IT professionals to quickly respond to threats.

Cloud Incident Response Manager

is responsible for planning and implementing response measures in the event of security incidents in the cloud environment. The Cloud Incident Response Manager works closely with other IT experts and management,
to ensure security incidents are dealt with quickly and effectively.

Cloud Security Consultant

is responsible for providing advice and support in the development and implementation of cloud security strategies and policies. The Cloud Security Consultant provides specialized know-how and consulting services to ensure that the cloud security strategy meets the organization's needs and is optimally implemented.

However, these roles are not always clearly demarcated and there may well be some overlap. However, it is important that everyone involved in the Cloud-Environment act safety conscious and comply with the applicable Security Standards and Policies keep to ensure the security and protection of the cloud environment.

Fatih Yurdakul


Fatih Yurdakul
Software Developer & Security Expert