Social Engagement

taking responsibility – even alongside the job

We are committed to our customers – but also to people who need a perspective and to our environment. We support several charitable projects, both in our region and internationally. A traditional focus is on education. Through a wide variety of initiatives, we support people in shaping their lives in a self-determined and self-confident manner.

Doctors Without Borders

Doctors without Borders supports people worldwide in the fight against the coronavirus. Among other things, the organization supports local health facilities and hospitals in the treatment of Covid 19 patients and looks after particularly vulnerable people for whom an infection with the virus can become a great risk. It also helps to maintain general health care, ensures basic medical care and provides support for organisations, associations and government institutions in Germany. With our donation, we also want to contribute to fighting the pandemic.

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Sopra Steria helps helping – Foundation

Together with Sopra Steria, whose off-shore centers are located in India, we support the improvement of the educational institutions there. With our donation we help to expand the school infrastructure in Noida, a suburb of Delhi. The money helps to build and expand the necessary school infrastructure there.
We also support the Environment Education Program and the Sopra Steria Group Scholarship Program. Under the Environment Education Program, Pitchandikulam Forest Consultants in Tamil Nadu, southern India, teach students the importance of environmental pollution, climate change and biodiversity. The children learn how to use energy, water and natural resources in a sustainable way. Sopra Steria Group Scholarship Program enables students from poor backgrounds to attend university, obtain a university degree and thus offer themselves and their families better prospects for the future.

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The JOBLINGE initiative

The JOBLINGE initiative provides personal support for young people between 15 and 25 years of age who cannot find a job or training after school. For six months, the young people prepare for the job market – encouraged by volunteer mentors and supported by group exchanges. This is an intensive time during which the job seekers’ confidence in their own strengths grows. Afterwards, more than 70% of the participants succeed in being accepted into an apprenticeship or even into a permanent position. With our donations we help with this important step into an independent life.

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Nektar Hektar

Already with the successful petition for a referendum on “species protection” in Bavaria at the beginning of 2019, for which numerous colleagues also lined up in the queues in front of the town halls, it was clear that more commitment to nature is needed. We therefore support the “Project 2028” initiative of Hektar Nektar, which is committed to more beekeepers and thus to the preservation and reproduction of bee colonies.

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Stiftung Allianz für Kinder

Allianz Deutschland AG, together with its employees and representatives, has been committed to helping children and young people for almost twenty years. The focus is on young people who require special support due to their physical, mental, spiritual or social development.
Our St. Nicholas Day fundraising campaign for the Allianz for Children Foundation is called “Consultants for Charity”. Part of the income generated by our local Allianz consultants is donated to the foundation and benefits one of the more than 200 projects that are supported each year. So far we have been able to support the following projects:

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With the app from “Share the Meal”, an initiative of the UN World Food Programme (WFP), anyone can share their food with a child in need around the world via smartphone – and feed them for a whole day for just 70 cents.
A concept that inspired us. Our idea: To draw attention to the initiative, we provide visitors of JBFOne, the technology congress of Fiducia & GAD IT AG, with little treats. For every visit to our stand and every portion distributed, we donate a meal. At the end of the day, our managing director usually tops up the number of meals. We have been supporting the initiative since 2015, and in recent years we have been able to collect more than 1,000 meals for children in need – each year. This corresponds to a 3-year ration. Team #it-economics has been on the app since 2020. In our first challenge for Christmas, 1,892 meals were donated by employees, customers and friends, which we rounded up to 2,500.

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Nepal training scholarships for Kamalari girls

Our donation goes to the “Foundation NIMAKEJA – Help for Children”, and is tied to the “Kamalari Project in Nepal”, for which PLAN International is responsible on site.
Kamalari, that means “hard working woman”. Although child labour has been officially banned in Nepal since 2000, the exploitation of many girls in southwest Nepal is part of everyday life. Girls who come from poor families, e.g. the Tharu ethnic group, are often sold as Kamalari to rich families for whom they have to work up to 18 hours a day.
Plan is campaigning for the abolition of this common practice and has so far been able to free thousands of girls from their jobs. They are encouraged to return to their families and start or continue their education. Plan provides professional training for older girls and young women and helps them to set up their own businesses.

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The Bali-Project

Many children in Bali lack suitable school materials. We support a German teacher who emigrated to Bali years ago and teaches school children there with laptops that are no longer needed here. In this way the children learn to write, how to use computers, improve their English and can discover the world via the Internet.