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For us, you as a customer are the center of attention. Our management stands for this and for cooperation on a partnership level – so that your journey into digitization is a success. Together, we bring your company on course and maneuver it safely through all waters.

Klaus Wiedemann

CEO & Managing Director

Klaus Wiedemann is Managing Director and CEO of it-economics. He joined the IT consultancy in 2017 as a senior manager and has more than 25 years of experience in large-scale IT projects, software development and in the development and financing of new technologies. Before joining it-economics, the computer scientist and CFA charterholder worked for companies such as Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), Unicredit and BMW, as well as for a number of start-ups and other Dax corporations.

Stefan Schmid

Managing Director

Stefan Schmid is a member of the management team at it-economics. Before joining it-economics as a partner in 2006, he gained more than 10 years of experience at Accenture. Stefan Schmid is an expert in the management of projects and programs as well as in the architecture management of heterogeneous application landscapes. The graduate computer scientist and businessman studied at the University of Passau.

Frédéric Munch

Managing Director

Frédéric Munch is a member of the management team at it-economics. He has been analysing IT markets and digital trends for more than 25 years and is a trusted strategy advisor to numerous boards. Born in France and a graduate of a French business school, he has lived in Munich for over 2 decades. After various consulting and management positions, he took on the role of CEO of the analyst and consulting group Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) in 2012. In 2014, he led the merger with French CXP and German BARC to create the first European analyst house, teknowlogy Group. Since 2019, he has been a member of the German Executive Committee of Sopra Steria SE and Head of the management consulting division Sopra Steria Next.

Petra Ozimek-Zimmermann


Petra is a member of the executive team at it-economics as CHRO. In this role, she ensures that it-economics’ continued growth is balanced with hiring, development, and employee retention and satisfaction. During the pandemic, she led the Corona Task Force and successfully ensured that all employees made it through safely. Meanwhile, she also takes care of the topics “New Work” and “Working in the Future”. Before Petra joined it-economics in 2014, she was Head of Career Development and HR at Boston Consulting and Head of Human Resources at Schön Kliniken.

Georg Filios

 Associate Partner · Location Manager Düsseldorf

Georg Filios joined it-economics in 2013 as location manager in Düsseldorf and has established and expanded the company’s presence in the Rhine-Ruhr region from the very beginning. Filios holds a degree in computer science and studied at RWTH Aachen and EPFL-Lausanne. He has over 23 years of professional experience in mostly large IT consultancies, such as Accenture and CGI, in the banking, insurance, communications and e-commerce industries. His experience in software development and architecture is complemented by over 12 years of practical experience as an agile project manager and coach as well as Scrum Master and Product Owner.

Peter Hesselmann

 Associate Partner · Location Manager Münster & Frankfurt

Peter Hesselmann started building up the new Münster location in 2017. Together with the customers on site, he primarily drives the digitalisation of banks. Since he started as an IT consultant in Münster in 2000, software projects, system integration and project management have been his passion.

Markus Huber

 Associate Partner · Location Manager Munich

Markus Huber has been with it-economics since 2009. Previously, the trained physicist worked for Accenture, among others. He has more than 20 years of experience in large IT and software development projects, where he took on leadership roles in both traditional and agile project environments. Within it-economics, he plays a major role as a leader in the career development and mentoring of numerous consultants. In addition, he advanced the area of process automation or Business Process Management (BPM), through which processes and procedures in the company can be analysed, visualised and optimised.

Tobias Pregler

 Associate Partner · Managing Director it-economics Bulgaria EOOD

Tobias Pregler has been working for it-economics in various roles since 2008. In the last 20 years, the qualified IT specialist with a B.A. in International Management has worked as a trusted advisor in a wide range of large-scale IT projects and has been Managing Director of it-economics Bulgaria EOOD in Sofia since 2019.

Marco Klotzbach


As CFO, Marco Klotzbach is responsible for the Finance division at it-economics. The business graduate with a focus on taxes and auditing has more than 20 years of experience in controlling and various internal projects in the finance area at Sopra Steria SE. Most recently, he was Deputy Head of Controlling and Business Partner Controlling for the Banking division. Before joining Sopra Steria Group, he worked for five years in sales and on several internal projects at Deutsche Bank.

Bernd Günter

Head of Sales

Bernd Guenter is Head of Sales of it-economics, with international experience in consulting, business development, sales and management of multinational clients. He is an expert with a proven track record in modern software development, delivery leadership, digital and cultural transformation, agile project development and IT. Since many years the experienced manager ensures that companies are successful in the digital change with the right cross-functional teams, technologies and innovations and turn their ideas into solutions.

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