Confluence and Linchpin: knowledge management and social intranet in one platform

Linch pin

Confluence and Linchpin: knowledge management and social intranet in one platform

The Linchpin extension for Atlassian Confluence expands the established wiki of knowledge management and documentation into a fully-fledged intranet.

For example, it enables company-wide sharing of news, quick exchange through microblogging or finding the person in the company who is particularly familiar with a topic.

By customizing the design and the menu navigation of Confluence, the platform can be designed individually and thus fits perfectly into the corporate identity - for optimally coordinated internal communication.

Corporate communication that is fun

Linchpin provides a dashboard and an entry page that employees can use to get an overview of the latest news in the company. Depending on the configuration, these contributions can be created according to the top-down or bottom-up principle. With bottom-up communication, individual users can create blog posts themselves. For shorter posts, Linchpin offers a microblogging feature that allows posts on social media channels such as B. Facebook, are similar. These can be assigned to higher-level categories and given a like or comment by colleagues. Personalized Subscriptions offers users content tailored to their interests, such as location-specific news, events and menus from nearby restaurants.

Linchpin also offers the display of a company-wide calendar of events on the home page. By clicking on the respective event, further information can be viewed. Spontaneously creating the event is just as possible as canceling it with a click.

Networking within the organization – expert search and improved profiles

Another feature of Linchpin is the personal design of user profiles, in which departments, locations and personal skills, such as "Jira", can be maintained. These can be used in an expert search and all Jira experts in the company can be found. Another advantage is that the profile settings generate different views on Linchpin or Confluence and the system language can be adapted directly to the locations.

Mobile app for quick access on the go

Linchpin also offers a clear and intuitive Linchpin mobile app, which makes communication with each other even faster and more direct. This means that important information can be called up and shared on the smartphone while on the go.


With the add-on Linchpin, the display of Confluence pages is not only clearer, more structured and more beautiful, but it also offers many new features in Confluence, which offer real added value for clarity and communication.

If you have any questions about Confluence, Linchpin or Jira, please do not hesitate to contact us [email protected] is available for storage, management and analysis.

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Celine Seeberger


Celine Seeberger, Atlassian Consultant