10 Advantages of Atlassian Cloud vs. On-Premises

10 Advantages of Atlassian Cloud vs. On-Premises

Is your company also planning to migrate Atlassian products to the cloud?
Here are 10 undeniable benefits of the cloud.

1) An optimized user experience thanks to the new design

Jira Software Cloud impresses with a modern UX/UI: Thanks to a lean user interface, the user experience has improved significantly compared to the on-premises solutions. What we are already used to from modern applications and devices can now also be experienced in Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and Jira Service Management.

2) Jira on all devices

Are you planning a trip to the office? Then there's good news for those who don't want to show off their laptop on the regional train: Jira dashboards will also look good on iOS and Android devices in the cloud. A big plus compared to the on-premises solutions.

3) Native Jira Mac app with dark mode

Jira Cloud native on the Mac - for some, this reason alone is enough for a cloud migration. With the companion app, the workflow can be managed directly on the desktop. This simplifies finding and switching projects. Customizable push notifications complete the experience.

4) Team-level @mentions

Why type an @mention 10 times when one is enough to notify the entire team? Mentions only work for individuals in the on-premises solutions, in the cloud for a team. This makes collaboration even easier.

5) Burn down insight

The burndown report is now directly integrated in the board view. As a result, you don't have to switch to a completely different screen to identify problems and make decisions during the sprint.

6) The new cloud editor

A feature that makes all Confluence hearts beat faster: the new cloud editor. This new editor is more intuitive and easier to use compared to the on-premises version. To make it really easy and fun to create pages in Confluence, Atlassian has extensively improved and modernized this elementary function.

7) More than 100 templates available

To make creating pages in Confluence even faster and better, the cloud solution has more than 100 templates. I am sure that everyone will find what they are looking for here. So migrating to the cloud can take your documentation to a whole new level.

8) Update Cumulative Flowchart - Understand issues in workflow

Have you mostly ignored the cumulative flowchart? Because it wasn't so clear to everyone what information it contained. The new version in the cloud now makes it much easier to take advantage of this report. Now it becomes clear: where does the flow come to a standstill, where does it get narrow? Larger amounts of data can now be processed better thanks to more selection options and an increased number of colors.

9) Jira loads faster!

How long do you wait for a page to load? 2 seconds? 3 seconds? Your Atlassian products are available faster in the cloud than with on-premises solutions. They suit modern users who are used to fast loading times and high availability. What's already faster: The navigation bar loads twice as fast, the project directory loads 10 times faster, boards load 1,5 times faster, and backlogs load 1,8 times faster.

10) Take action directly in the backlog

Thanks to the cloud, teams are even more productive: Actions can now be carried out directly in the backlog. Update status, assign stories and update story points are now directly on the map. The corresponding process no longer has to be opened separately.

Celine Seeberger


Celine Seeberger
Atlassian Consultant