Best consultants at it-economics

Best Advisors 2022

Best consultants at it-economics

It-economics was once again awarded the "Best Consultant" seal by a specialist jury.

However, this seal does not actually apply to the company, but to the unique employees. Because it was only through them that brandeins was able to win the “Best Consultants 2022” award.  

Since the award is based solely on recommendations and feedback #wemoveitright based, haven we us asked how to get "Best Advisor" shall. what does Personen from which our customers can optimallyät? 

have ton us Cornelia and Pavo, two of our consultants, peppered with a few questions: 

Pavo, what exactly do you do at it-economics?

Turkey: I am Full stack Entwickler and for frontend as well BACKEND responsible. I work on a customer project at an insurance company and develop new software components there. For now am i in a team which working on a chat function. 

And you, Cornelia? 

Cornelia: As a Managing Consultant, my tasks are very diverse. For example, I work as a project manager, business analyst or test manager for our customers. I am currently working on a business process automation project for a global insurance company. This means we identify common processes that involve a lot of manual effort, for example because employees have to make changes in many different places. We automate these standard cases so that employees can focus on processing special cases and looking after their customers in the future. 

What is the best thing about being a consultant?

Turkey: I feel like I work for two companies, so for it economics and the customer. As a result, I have at both companies great Female colleagueswho I really enjoy working with. In addition, all events such as Christmas parties will be doubled. * laughs * Since you are projectt can change, if you want something New If you want to try it out, you always have technical challenges. I love that especially – I can always do it that way some learn and develop myself.

Cornelia: The exciting thing about my job is the great diversity. I work with different clients, projects and teams, so I never get bored. Also, as Pavo says, as consultants we can constantly evolve and learn new things. If you want to do this yourself, it-economics also gives you the opportunity to do so.

What makes himn choose a "Best Advisor" for you? What qualities should you bring with you?

Turkey: Above all, a good consultant should have communication skills. The most important thing, of course, is that you work with the customer can talk about anything. Also, trusting everyone is very important. You have to be professional thano familiar with the technical topics. And of course always "hard working' to get achievements. I am all that.

Cornelia: Customer orientation is important. I keep asking myself the question: "What are the needs of the customer?" Because we can only achieve something in the project together with the customer. We work with a wide variety of people, so communication skills are essential. This is how we build a trusting relationship with the customer at eye level - at it-economics we call this the Trusted Advisor principle. In addition, as consultants, we should bring joy to change through changing customers, projects, tasks and teams. This is also very important for a sense of achievement.

What has been your biggest success as an IT consultant so far, Pavo?

Turkey: German is not my mother tongue. In order to be able to communicate with my customers at eye level, I have been learning German since 2017. Of course, that helps me further and I was able to optimize my job as a consultant. For me, this is a personal and professional success!

You can really be proud of that. And you, Cornelia?

Cornelia: I am at it-economics started as a software tester and became a test manager after just a few months. Besides, I could take on more and more project management tasks. After 1,5 years in the company I got the chance my first project management to take over. That was a lot of responsibility very quickly. For me it was a great success! Something like this is actually only possible in consultation. Who is motivated and achieves good results, can grow on himself and quickly take on more responsibility.

That really shows that you're one of our "Best Advisors" are. We are always on the lookout for new talent to strengthen our team. What advice would you give to new consultants? Do you have any tips?

Turkey: Very important: Never be afraid! The job is super inteinteresting and brings a lot of new things with it. When you are afraid of change, you come as a consultantr therefore not further. Just always be honest and work hard on yourself and the project goals, then you will surely be successful.

Cornelia: Openness to new topics and projects is very important. should Advisor*Interior  can bring enthusiasmto familiarize yourself with new requirements and to work in an interdisciplinary manner with colleagues from different functions and departments. Just ask a lot of questions at the beginning to get used to it. Our colleagues are always very open and happy to answer any questions and patient. So just trust and do it.

Thank you for your time!

In summary, it can be stated that the best consultants are above all strong in communication, never lose sight of the goal together with the customer and do not shy away from innovations and changes.

Are you also a Best Advisor?