5 questions to our recruiter Magdalena

You have just submitted your application and are curious about what happens next? Or maybe you’ve found an interesting job advertisement and would like to know which documents you need to submit and what to expect after your application?
We have asked exactly these questions for you. Magdalena has been a recruiter in our office Sofia since 2019. In the blog post, she tells you how the application process works and gives you practical tips.

How does the application process work?

Magdalena Ivanova


First of all, an initial telephone interview is conducted with our recruiting department. This is about getting to know each other and clarifying the basic information. We will also present some facts about it-economics and see if we may be a good match.

If we were indeed a possible match, you would be invited to a first technical interview with our consultant team. Regulary, a short case study must be solved and explained. The case depends entirely on the future field of work. If you are a developer, for example, you will be working on a coding case in your preferred programming language.

The application process is completed with a third and final part that may take place during the technical interview or scheduled separatly. The technical knowledge is tested again, per instance in a buzzword bingo. It’s about clarifying concrete questions about future employment opportunities and projects. We prefer to conduct the interviews via MS teams, but of course we are also happy to welcome you to our office. Whether it’s for the interview itself or simply for a short tour through the office, just let us know.

Which documents are required?


At the beginning we need a complete CV. A short cover letter is welcome, but not a musthave. During the process, we will also need diplomas, references and certificates.

What do you pay attention to in the interview and what are your favourite questions?


In the first interview, it is particularly important for me to find out whether a person fits into the team. I also want to know how our candidates would like to develop and what they expect from their future employer. Of course, our company culture and the internal development opportunities should also match the candidate’s expectations.

I don’t really have any favourite questions; most of the time they come up spontaneously. It is important not to simply work through a list, but to focus on the applicant. However, one question I really like to ask is: “Which expectations do you have if you decide to work with us?” I think this not only reveals the candidate’s wishes, but also says a lot about the “it-economics factor”.

How can a candidate prepare?


Before the interview, it is recommendable to gather information about it-economics. Naturally, no details will be asked, but definatly it will make a good impression and the interview smoother, e.g., more specific questions can be asked, which in turn makes the interview more goal-oriented for the applicants themselves. After all, it’s not only about us getting to know you, but also vice versa. The more we can clarify in the first interview, the better you will be prepared for the second one.
Beside that, no great preparation is necessary, as every interview usually develops differently anyway.

Do have any last tipps?


Just be yourself! We want to get to know you and there are no wrong answers.
Your communication skills are very important as well, especially during the technical discussions. We place a lot of value on teamwork and you can already prove that during your technical interview. Ask us questions and tell us what you notice. We don’t expect you to come up with a perfect solution, but rather to see how you work with us. We will also be happy to give you some tips. And remember… There’s no need to be nervous 😊