Girls Day 2022

Girls Day, which is intended to help girls get a taste of typical “male professions,” was held again on April 28, 2022.

Our Girls Day was a complete success. Female guests between the ages of 11 and 16 who are interested in careers in the IT industry were invited. The online event in Munich was booked up quickly, and we decided without further ado to organize another face-to-face event in Karlsruhe and Muenster. All 20 places at both events were fully booked.

The day began with a short round of introductions and the mood barometer in the online event and a tour of the office in Karlsruhe. Afterwards, the girls were introduced to what it-economics is all about and in which areas we are active.

In the first interactive slot, the girls were allowed to reveal their ideas about the life of a computer scientist. There are quite a few clichés about this profession and we were able to dispel or confirm some of them. Above all, the cliché of solitary programmers who “code” away in their basements remains stubbornly persistent.
We responded to all the comments and ideas of the young ladies and explained that in professional programming you almost always work in a team. Socially incompetent people have a very hard time in IT consulting. With us, software is written by people for people.

The individual professions explained in more detail

In the following, we, the organizers, introduced ourselves in more detail. We told you about our career and what we do at it-economics. Representing the many different competences that it-economics bundles, we explained the role of the backend and frontend developer, scrum master, tester and the HR specialist.

  • An HR specialist ensures that the company combines a wide variety of personalities, talents and skills in one company and can thus provide our customers with competent and interdisciplinary teams for a wide variety of IT projects.
  • A Scrum Master ensures that the project teams are calm and have time to work. She also takes care of removing obstacles so that the project members can take care of the actual tasks. In addition, she controls communication within the team by passing on all necessary information to the correct recipients.
  • The two developers translate the customer requirements into a software application. The frontend developer is primarily responsible for ensuring that the software looks the way the customer wants it to and is intuitive to use.
  • The backend developer is primarily responsible for ensuring that the software provides the functionalities that the customer wants.
  • Last but not least, it is the tester’s job to check whether the two developers have actually understood and implemented the customer’s requirements correctly. She puts the resulting software through its paces and gives the developers feedback if something is still not running smoothly and needs to be improved.

How does coding work?

After the longer introduction block, our guests were allowed to try their hand at “programming” themselves. For this purpose, we introduced the duck race game and explained how the game can be transferred to actual software development. In the game, the goal is to guide a duck across fields to a destination by combining code blocks. The code blocks correspond to backend modules that other developers on the team had already prepared for us. To verify the result, we took on the role of the tester, ran the game and checked whether the duck arrived at its destination. The young ladies had great fun slipping into the roles of developer and tester and mastering their project goals.

Career at it-economics

The last item on our event agenda was career and earning opportunities. It’s no secret that you can earn good money in IT. Depending on how rare and in demand the special skills of an IT person are, the higher the earnings. In addition, taking on responsibility is of course a relevant aspect of the salary.

Compared to many other companies, however, it-economics is special when it comes to careers: We don’t just preach diversity, we actually live it. At the Karlsruhe location, for example, we currently have a quota of almost 30% female consultants.
Women are also welcome and represented in our management team. Two of our sites are managed by female site managers. This corresponds to a female quota of 25%. This quota is also reflected in the management team.
Furthermore, women are supported by an internal initiative to acquire leadership-related soft skills and to network.

Girls Day Eindrücke

After a good two hours at the remote event and around 4 hours in Karlsruhe and Münster, Girls Day 2022 came to an end. The feedback round was consistently positive. We hope that the participants got an exciting and interesting insight into the working world in IT and took away many positive impressions.

Katharina Schwarz Autorin


Katharina Schwarz
Senior Developer