IT³-Con 2020 – innovative, informative & inspiring

Last week our annual conference took place for the fourth time in Munich, to which all colleagues from our locations in Germany and Sofia as well as customers and partners were invited. In addition to numerous presentations from our experts, we also welcomed external speakers. One of the highlights were Dominic Price, Rajmohan Rajagopalan and Peter Keane from Atlassian, who came to the conference especially from Australia, USA and England.

In more than 30 presentations we dealt with current topics around digitalization and agilization. The presentations were wide-ranging and ranged from SAP and Spring Metrics to artificial intelligence in general and its application, for example in the field of medical imaging, to agile methods and their scaling.

RPA as a Managed Service

More and more companies want to automate a number of manual workflows using RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technologies as part of a digitalization offensive. it-economics developed an End2End solution for a customer’s RPA needs: From the customer workshop to the implementation project to the operation and maintenance of an RPA solution. The presentation not only focused on the undeniable advantages, but also on the challenges that arise for a smooth deployment of RPA and the advantages of using RPA as a managed hosting solution from it-economics.

More about RPA:

The way to the cloud

In his closing speech, Urs Krämer, CEO Sopra Steria Germany/Austria, put forward the thesis that the question is no longer whether the large companies should migrate to the cloud, but how.
Klaus Wiedemann, Associate Partner, showed how Cloud Native Architectures work using the example of a customer project in which AWS was used. In another presentation, Azure was presented as an alternative to a use case with Microsoft. Atlassian’s path is also increasingly moving towards the cloud – but due to data protection concerns, companies in Europe are also choosing managed hosting.

More about transformation to the cloud:


One of the highlights of this year’s IT³-Con was without doubt the presentations by Atlassian. On the one hand, Atlassian’s new tool “Jira Align” was presented, which is designed to enable companies to anchor agility beyond the team level in the organisation.

Dom and Raj also spoke in their keynote address about how technological advances are impacting our daily work and what companies can do to motivate employees and thus ensure effective collaboration.

More about Atlassian:

Scaled Agile

The presentations on agile methods dealt specifically with how teams and organizations can become more agile. In particular, they dealt with the questions of how Scrum Masters can evolve as drivers of change, how Scrum can be scaled across team boundaries and how other methods, such as Design Thinking, fit in.

More about Scaled Agile:

web & mobile development

The presentations were very technical and focused on the topic of Web & Mobile Development: The presentations were dedicated to new architecture models and libraries, such as RMVVM in iOS, asynchronous programming with Kotlin, the use of the framework JHipster for the development of WebApps or Geb to improve test automation – to name just a few.

More about Mobile Development:
More about web development:

Party & Conclusion

At the following afterparty the topics were further discussed and deepened in a relaxed atmosphere.

Many thanks to all who made this event possible through their presentations, participation and organization!

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