Atlassian Confluence Plugins #4 – “Better Content Archiving for Confluence”

In my last article I presented an excerpt from the Midori Better Exporter family, with which content from Jira can be automatically exported and processed in various formats. With this article I would like to deal with a standard problem of wikis, be it Wikipedia, a company wiki or an intranet. How can it be ensured that the contents of the system are still current, relevant or even used?

One possibility for this is to establish a manual process with “gardeners”, whereby different users have the task of keeping their area up to date and clean. From our experience, this system can still be used for small instances with less than 1000 pages, but as soon as the wiki gets bigger, the gardener needs tool-based help.

At this point, we also use the “Better Content Archiving” tool from Midori. With this, two core functions are primarily relevant for us:

  1. For the user, an up-to-date traffic light is added to the top bar of each page so that it is immediately apparent whether the page displayed is actively maintained and called up by many others. However, if the traffic light shows red, it is clear to every user that the information displayed must be critically examined.

  2. In addition to the up-to-date traffic light, the tool also offers the option of performing predefined actions. It is thus possible to transmit content to users for resubmission or to archive it directly. Of course it is also possible to do the archiving manually.


At this point I would also like to recommend my colleague Domi’s article, in which he deals with the implementation of quality-assured information management in Confluence.