it-economics Coding Camp 2018

The goal of this year‘s Coding Camp in Sofia was to create products which will help our colleagues in their daily work. Before the Coding Camp started, techies had a chance to share topics of interest with each other. The topmost voted technical topics were then mapped to visions of products which could support us in daily work:

  • Contact Sync

  • Skill Bot

  • Toggl Sync

  • Travel Expenses App

On the first day of the Coding Camp techies formed three self-organizing teams to create minimum viable products – functioning products, which possess a minimum number of features. Each group consisted of 12 software developers on average, one scrum master and one product owner. Agile values were the leading values, enabling techies to concentrate on the software development and not to be distracted. There were three sprints each lasting ca. 3 hours.

Team 1: Creation of the Toggl Sync

The goal was to create an app which will allow our colleagues to synchronize the working hours they tracked with Toggl to Achievo with a single click. Mapping Toggl Project to Achievo projects as well as custom rounding up and down can be easily done.

Team 2: Skill Bot

A skill bot that helps to easily identify it-economics colleagues with certain skill

Team 3: Travel Expenses App

The team created a travel expenses app which allows employees to quickly and easily upload their receipts and generate reports at the end of the month. The team split-up into subgroups for the iOS App, Android App and Achievo Wrapper (API created with Swagger).

Team 4: Contact Sync

Two software developers composed already available components to Contact Sync – a tool that synchronizes the contact information of colleagues with the smartphone.

A separate group not participating in the product development was the ECO-Team – the team of enablers which helped software developers with different issues, such as deployment for example. 

The coding camp was a perfect opportunity for techies and non-techies to practice agile values and to create viable products. Good team spirit, interesting topics, achieved results – all these made the Coding Camp a worth to participate event.